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File:Ghetto IMG 4126.JPG is marked as being a probable copyright violation. Wikimedia Commons only accepts no cost written content—which is, images together with other media files that can be used by any individual, for any intent. Classic copyright law will not grant these freedoms, and Until noted usually, almost everything you find on the net is copyrighted rather than permitted below.

Could you assist me in striving to know wherever this confusion concerning "applied" or "valuable" comes from? I indicate why would the "inaccurate" translation from your Israeli government use "used art". Could it be Probably the situation which the words are related in Hebrew and it is not difficult to make a slip-up?

יש המון מה לעשות בערי אוסטרליה בקטע של בילויים , תרבות וכו'. 

לגבי "כשאני ארוויח משכורת ממוצעת" - החיים הפכפכים יותר ממה שאתה חושב, ואני מדבר מנסיון.

בשום מקום אחר בעולם לא ראיתי התייחסות כזאת לתושבים שעוברים למקום אחר.

Many thanks for uploading Picture:Weizman_KD.JPG. I see the impression web page at this time won't specify who designed the information, Therefore the copyright status is unclear. When you have not created this media yourself then you might want to argue that We now have the ideal to make use of the media on Wikimedia Commons (see copyright tagging down below).

When you made this file, remember to Notice that The truth that it has been proposed for deletion doesn't automatically necessarily mean that we don't price your type contribution. It only implies that one particular person believes that there's some certain dilemma with it, such as a copyright situation.

מסתבר שרוב הישראלים לא מוכנים לשמוע על "מדינה ציונית" בלי זיקה הסיטוריה או תרבותית לאדמה שלה. וראים זאת די בבירור, העובדה היא שמייסדי הציונות הצליחו להביא הנה את כל גלי העליה, בגלל השיוך לאדמה.

if I don't forget appropriate from before discussions you might be an Israeli attorney. If that's accurate and if you can spare time, couldn't you draft a kind of "guidebook" (equivalent as Commons:Picture casebook, but significantly less big) about what kind of things are o.k. to upload as remaining included from the FOP law of Israel, ultimately also with a little bit of elaboration of your time intervals if there were pretty much related changes in regulation eventually.

אם תנסה להרחיב יותר את נקודת המבט - אין חיים ולכן אין מוות.

File:Wikipedians P1070730.JPG has actually been stated at Commons:Deletion requests so the Local community can focus on whether or not it should be held or not. We'd recognize it if you could possibly drop by voice your opinion about this at its entry.

In the event you produced this picture, remember to Notice that The reality that it's been proposed for deletion won't automatically signify that we don't price your variety contribution. It only ensures that a person human being thinks that there's some precise trouble with it, for instance a copyright challenge.

File:Neue Wache P7120015.JPG has been detailed at Commons:Deletion requests so the Group can talk about no matter whether it ought to be stored or not. We'd recognize it if you could potentially visit voice your impression relating to this at its entry.

I am conscious that there's a long-managing dispute concerning Israeli copyright wherein you appear to be included. The dispute seems for being website scattered around dozens of pages and Therefore an uninvolved person simply cannot readily adhere to it.

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